Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From: She Said, He Said I with Gail D. Whitter

The gods cannot
stop you
tramping through
uncharted woods
Celtic cool

these words cannot
stop you
& almost overcome
their fragile paper

slave to stone
carving the needs
of creation

keeping Eden clean
while intricacies
of spider webs
splinter your urgent
seeking a lover
to have
to hold
in your image

last night
you dreamt her

one handsbreadth away
gathering fire ...


You carry too much baggage
in your martyr arms.
You would not compromise
insistent vulnerability
to live as the body aspires
and leave politics to simmer alone
while you tend soft-flawed humanity.

Inflammatory torches
may light up
government eyes
in answer to your straining vision
and blessing vigilance.
Ever watchful soldier
shouting watchwords
in the darkness
earns you grateful medals
in due time.
Lest we forget ... What?

Your temporary wars
are death in the trenches
if you stay beyond the odds.
Come back where strength is weakness
and love is need
where wanting you
is not a challenge
to suffocation
just simplicity
in the bottom of a cup.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"gathering fire" ... yes. Like that line.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Maidie Hilmo said...

This is a very powerful dialogue of 2 voices. So insightful it's painful.

9:52 PM  

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