Monday, September 18, 2006


I am simple. I am complex.
I am pine winds directing clouds
rich, rampant, raucous, serene
currents wider than oceans
tasting, testing, tabulating
wise than centuries in the mind.

I am the eagle soaring, hunting
stooping when hunger calls
then drifting deftly to my holy eggs.
I am king. I am queen.
My kingdom is in easy sight
my queendom stretches generations.

I am thought. I am unthought.
I consider my mountain degree
too huge to comprehend in time
expansion past all dreaming
where my heart is a flower garden
and colours are my beginnings.

I am songs unsung, poised
echoes of bloodlines crossing oceans
wild birds seeking soft safer haven.
I am father. I am son.
Feeding, I am fed replete
the universe my constant mirror.

I am humble. I am proud.
I am distance between all things
yet close, connecting, in concert all
pursuing perfection imperfectly
dauntless though an eagle dies
and thoughts rest in their melodies.

I am lost. I am found.
Arms reach out to realize
the love that keeps our light alive.

(My Wild Colonials)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little gremlin added a couple more pieces to your blogspot I see. Hope you like being "worldwide"!


1:34 PM  

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