Monday, September 25, 2006


She said:
I come down from my dusky mountain
to be with you
hero of man-light.
Not always
but between two beats of your heart
I will reveal the shadowy body of my life
and the feeling life of my body.
Ecstasy will be your inspiration
never to be the same
once tasted from my flower cup
for I am Lilith.
My heavenly containers overflow
with blooming rarities
whose nectar feeds only your mortality.

And you will take its life-light
to the world of men
for my sake.
You will suffer too
yet I will be your food
and you will be my willing power.
Everything that I am
will touch your voice.
Your quest will be to speak my name, my name, my name.
It will be your mantra
mover of your soul
gift of a goddess
who remembers
the beginning of the world.

He said:
Your shimmering tide
full moon riding
embraces eager shores
caresses dark slept earth with mother patience
secret goddess workings of the womb.

I, at one with the sun rising
lift my hot track torch
to your moongate
mortared by the patriarchs
against time.
I rush revelation's liminal boundaries
where your dark-sense gifts abound
food forever
for questing dark memoried Everyman.

Holy aroma
mystic drifting centuries
ancient fires banked by moon-faced priestesses
against sleepy history
I am the stoker
you have waited
Wake, wake, my love ... Awaken!

(High Tide, Moon Ride)


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